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Links to Seed Saving Projects (redirected from Seed Saving Projects)

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Members' Projects and Group Projects


Onion Project - ongoing


Storage Cabbage Project 2019 and beyond (group project)


Vermont Hubbard Project  2020 and beyond (group project)


Storage Carrot Project 2020 and beyond (group project)


Beet Project


Carrot Project (Syl and Brian 2014/15)


Kale Project


Jaune Paille des Vertus Project


Parsnip Project


Apple Pepper Project


Schnittmangold Gelb Swiss Chard Project


Small White Cucumber Project


Boldog Pepper Project - completed


Einkorn Project - ongoing


True Garlic Seed Project


Growing Onion Sets


Possible Types of Project *


Variety Trials/ Grow out

An evaluation of existing varieties for yield, vigor, taste, storage, etc. OR

An evaluation of different growing techniques OR

Testing a seed lot for purity, etc.


Maintenance / Increase

This is a straightforward seed-saving project with the goal of maintaining an existing variety as it is. Isolation of cross pollinated crops and adequate population sizes are critical to avoid crossing and inbreeding. Everyone involved in the project should be familiar with the variety and its desired traits, so that off-types can be identified and rogued.


Selection / Improvement

This is seed-saving with an eye towards changing an existing variety to make something new and improved. Selection within an existing variety is only valuable if that variety has demonstrated variability for an identifiable trait.


Breeding a New Variety

This project begins with crossing two or more varieties to create a hybrid (purposefully or accidentally) or with identifying a genetic mutation leading to new traits. After the initial creation of genetic diversity, the project proceeds as a selection process, though new genetics can be added in multiple times.


*Adapted from Hilltown Seed Saving Network website



How To Create Your Own Project Page


Seed Saving Project Template Link


To make a copy of the template page:

 1) Click on the Seed Saving Project Template link above. These directions are repeated on that page.

2) Click on the "Copy this page" link at the right.

3) Rename it and create the copy.

4) Then click the Edit tab at the top and you will be able to fill it out.

5) Don't forget to SAVE it!

6) At the bottom of the page, you will find a link for the "Printable Version" of the page.


To add your new page to the list of projects below:

1) Click on the Edit tab at the top of this page. 

2) Add your page name to the list below. Use the exact name that you have on the project sheet.

3) Select (highlight) the name.

4) Click on "Add Link" in the tool bar above.

5) Choose your page in the little box that will appear.

6) The link should be live.

7)  SAVE !



Or download the format below that works for you if you want to fill out a paper copy to share at a meeting.

SeedSavingProjectTemplate.docx (Word doc)

Seed Saving Project Template (Google doc)










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