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Pusa Asita Carrot Project

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Upper Valley Seed Savers

Seed Saving Project *


Date/Season:     2016/ 2017 Growing season


Crop / Species:   Carrot/Daucus carota


Variety:  Pusa Asita     


Project Type: Variety Trial



Project Goals: To grow out this variety in the first year, observing its characteristics. Then winter over and grow to seed in the second year.





Project coordinator: Sylvia Davatz and Brian Stroffolino


Email:   sdav@valley.net  bstroffolino@gmail.com            Phone: S: 802-436-3262

                                                                                                                     B: 802-436-9521


Other people working on the project and their contact information:




Project site(s) description (soil, aspect, amendments…): Sylvia and Brian's gardens are next to each other. Sylvia's is higher on the slope, sometimes making it less frost-susceptible. The soil in Sylvia's garden has been worked and amended for 24 years. Brian's gardens are newer and have had less time to build fertility. Both gardens are organically farmed. Soil is generally sandy/loamy with good drainage and average to above-average fertility.



Volunteer / resource needs:



Additional Comments: This is an almost-black carrot, making it very high in anthocyanins. It is open-pollinated and was developed in India for distribution among small farmers to support their self-sufficiency. The seed company that makes it available encourages gardeners to grow their own seed of the variety.


Project Report (cont'd on second page):




*Format Adapted from Hilltown Seed Saving Network website


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