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True Garlic Seed Project

Page history last edited by Ruth 2 years, 6 months ago

Upper Valley Seed Savers

Seed Saving Project *


Date/Season: 2018-19 and beyond


Crop / Species:  Garlic


Variety:  Bogatyr


Project Type: Seed Production



Project Goals:   I want to see if I can get this variety to produce viable seed and then grow the seed out into bulbs that will then produce more seed.  I found this very interesting and useful article.



Project coordinator: Ruth


Email:                                                                                   Phone:



Other people working on the project and their contact information:




Project site(s) description (soil, aspect, amendments…):




Volunteer / resource needs:



Additional Comments:





Project Report (cont'd on second page):




*Format Adapted from Hilltown Seed Saving Network website


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