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Ruth's Inventory

Page history last edited by Ruth 2 weeks, 1 day ago


Varieties listed in red text are in sufficient quantity for at least some distribution to gardeners in the community.



source of original


year saved comments                                                  
Bean/Bush/Dry Cannellino Lucchese My seed (Solstice/Sylvia) 2020  Classic white cannelliini beans; good for soups, stews, salads...
Bean/Bush/Dry Kebarika Great Lakes Staple Seeds 2020 Dark purple mottled bean originally from Kenya; prolific, rather late to ripen; can be eaten as a green bean.
Bean/Bush/Dry Kenearly Yellow Eye Uprising Seeds 2020

Originally developed in Kentville, Nova Scotia, for an early and uniform harvest. Plants are tall and upright and hold their pods off the ground. Hold their shape well when cooked.

Bean/Bush/Dry Maine Sunset Fedco 2020 A variation of the Soldier-type from the 1930s; beautiful, plump, round-oval, ivory-white beans irregularly splotched with brownish-maroon splashes around the hilum.
Bean/Bush/Dry Marfax My seed (Solstice/Sylvia) 2020 Heirloom resembling Swedish Brown Bean, but rounder, earlier and higher yielding. Great flavor.
Bean/Bush/Dry Öland Adaptive Seeds 2020 Brown bean from the island of Öland off the east coast of Sweden; incl. in Slow Food Ark of Taste; The Swedish Brown Bean
Bean/Bush/Dry Pois-fève Laliberté My seed (Julien Drouin-Bouffard & Terre Promise)
2020 From Quebec, halfway between a pea and a bean, the plant like a bean but the legume seems more like a pea; good for traditional Québécois soupe aux pois.
Bean/Bush/Dry Rosso di Lucca Great Lakes Staple Seeds 2020 Italian heirloom; mottled rose and burgundy; prolific; late maturing;
Bean/Bush/Dry Ruviotti My seed (Great Lakes Staple Seeds) 2020 An Italian heirloom with origins in Umbria; compact bush bean with 5-6 small roundish beans each.
Bean/Bush/Snap Marché de Genève
My seed (Solstice/Sylvia)
Bean/Bush/Snap Merveille de Piemonte Seeds from Italy 2019 Vigorous plant with heavy foliage, flat yellow pods streaked with purple, 5-7 inches long, turn solid yellow when cooked, good flavor. Good as a shell or dry bean, too. Productive. 58 or so days.
Bean/Pole/Dry Annie Jackson Uprising Seeds 2019 Takes its name from the Canadian gardener who brought it from Russia to southern Manitoba, where it has been maintained since. Vigorous vines, not too tall, large, plump, shiny half cream/half burgundy beans. 90 days or so
Bean/Pole/Dry Pinto Bulk bin at UV Food Co-op 2020

Very prolific, easy to shell, semi-pole bean. Classic delicious pinto.

Bean/Pole/Snap Blue Coco Southern Exposure 2018 French heirloom dating back to the 18th century.
Cloud's Horticultural My seed (Delbert & Marilyn Cloud)  
Half-runner; needs to climb; delicious shell bean or dried
Kwintus John Sherck 2018 Very long, flat, Romano type, stringless, tender, tasty even when quite large.
Rattlesnake My seed (Pine Tree) 2015-19 Flat, green pods with purple streaks, tender and delicious even when quite large; tall, vigorous vines. Good as a dry bean, too.



My seed (Andrey Baranovski)
Cylindrical, bright red roots, tender and juicy, high sugar and betanin content. High yield and excellent long-term winter storage. From Poland.
Corn/Flint Maïs canadien blanc  Terre Promise
2017 This seed was grown in the school garden; 8-row, white flint corn from Quebec with classic long, thin ears; a heritage variety saved from extinction. Read about it here in French or use "translate."
Corn/Semi-Dent Northwestern Red My seed (Sand Hill) 2020 Selected from Bloody Butcher by Oscar Will; 5-6'+ plants; 8-10" ears; red with white cap with some variation; makes very tasty pancakes and cornbread.
Early Riser Jack Lazor via Sandi Pierson 2015  Bright yellow, good for cornmeal as well as poultry feed. Hens lay eggs with bright yellow yolks.
Fava Hangdown Copenhagen Seeds 2018
Tall, long green pods, productive over a long season, delicious. I hope to have more seed to share next year (2020).
Leek Musselburgh Turtle Tree 2020 I have enough to share a bit. Seed heads were very slow to ripen.
Onion/Yellow Giant Zittau My seed (Bountiful Gardens & Turtle Tree) 2019 Heirloom from the town of Zittau in Germany. Dates back to 1885. Semi-globe with excellent storage quality.
Onion/Yellow Stuttgarter from over-wintered set onions, low population
2017 Variety most often used for sets, somewhat flattened, good keeper, part of the Onion Project.

Yellow Ebenezer

My seed (Larry Rettig and Sylvia D)



Part of the Onion Project. Good seed for growing for food, but from only 15 plants.

Pea/Garden Carruthers' Purple Podded Adaptive Seeds 2019 4-6′ tall vines, pink and purple flowers. Purple pods contain sweet, tasty peas for fresh shelling or freezing. An heirloom grown by the Carruthers family in County Down, Northern Ireland, for almost 40 years. Peas are pale green and firm, different from the bright green peas. Over-mature peas make a good soup. I will try the dried peas for soup, too, this winter.
Pea/Garden Clarke's Beltony Blue Adaptive Seeds 2019

A purple-podded pea from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It has been grown on the same farm there since at least 1850. Can grow up to 5 1⁄2′ tall. Purple pods become mottled with green when ripe. Peas are pale green and firm, different from the bright green peas.

Over-mature peas make a good soup. I will try the dried peas for soup, too, this winter. Similar but later, in my experience, than Carruthers' Purple Pod.

Pea/Garden Green Arrow My seed (Solstice/Sylvia) 2017  Delicious, up to 11 peas per pod, great for freezing
Pea/Garden Holgers Kæmpe ært My seed (Copenhagen Seeds) 2019
Up to 2.5 meters tall with very tasty, large peas. Good garden pea with high yield in a small space over a long period.
Pea/Garden Maestro Baker Creek 2018

Heavy crops of 4-to 5-inch pods are produced on plants that seldom reach 3 feet in height and do not require staking but support can be helpful. Peas are medium-sized, very sweet, and good for freezing, 8-10 peas per pod. Tolerant to a number of common pea diseases.

Deer damage, not enough seed yet to share.

Pea/Garden Mayfair My seed (Roberta Bailey) 2015  Main crop, prolific, tasty, good for freezing
Pea/Pod Rae My seed (Prairie Garden Seeds) 2017  A snap pea, reportedly resistant to powdery mildew; prolific; tasty, not sugary sweet
Pea/Pod/Soup Calvert

Great Lakes Staple Seeds


A French edible pod pea that also dries down to a delicious soup pea. Productive vines require at least a 6-foot trellis and keep producing an abundance of tender, flavorful 5-inch pods over a long picking window.
Pea/Soup Carlin Great Lakes Staple Seeds

An old English soup pea said to date back to Elizabethan times. A tall and vigorous climber with delightful bi-colored blossoms and an abundance of small, greenish gold mottled peas. It is late to flower and late to mature. Traditionally fried in butter or drippings after boiling and served with vinegar and black pepper on Carlin Sunday, the Sunday before Palm Sunday. 

See Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity page or Mother Earth News Heirloom Pea Varieties.

Pea/Soup Darlaine My seed and Resilient Seeds 2020
Self-supporting (but some support is better) bush variety that makes a fine yellow soup pea. Yields about a pound of peas per ten square feet. Creamy/tan round seed. Good cover crop pea. This is the pea to get if you want to make split pea soup, as it cooks up into a smooth, creamy texture. This is the pea grown by Aube Giroux of Modified fame. Not enough seed yet to share.
Pea/Soup Dansk Felt ært
Field in Dorf Kirkeby, Nordjylland, Denmark 2018
Yellow field pea, most likely grown for pig feed in Denmark, but also good for soup. White blossoms, thick with many very curly tendrils, self-supporting in a block if not blown over.
Pea/Soup Gold Harvest Resilient Seeds



Not a well-known pea. Three-foot plants are self-supporting when planted in blocks but benefit from support if it's windy or very rainy. The two-toned pink flowers and tannish-orange peas are beautiful. They do not cook out but remain round and rather firm; said to taste like chestnuts, but I didn't find that to be true.

Not enough seed to share yet.

Pea/Soup Lollandske Rosiner Copenhagen Seeds 2018
Lolland Raisins. Old variety of Danish field pea with many tendrils, so the plants can theoretically keep each other up, but support doesn't hurt if it's windy or lots of rain. They are special because they do not cook out but remain whole and look like raisins when cooked. Good for soup, falafel and pea humus. Can be eaten as fresh peas as well. Not enough seed yet to share.
Pea/Soup Saint-Hubert Resilient Seeds 2018
Heirloom variety introduced to the Saint Lawrence River Valley by French settlers in the 17th Century. It is still eaten today and makes delicious pea soup. High yielding plants. They will need trellising and can grow well over 1 meter tall.
Pepper/Hot Boldog Hungarian Spice My seed (Anne Miller) 2012 Close to 100% germination for 2020 season
Pepper/Sweet Babar (aka Alexander's Cousin) My seed saved from 5 Alexander plants without isolation. Alexander seed from Andrei Baranovski. 2018 Chunky, ribbed, thick-walled, delicious, early, prolific, sweet, juicy, ripens to a deep rich red.
Poppy/Bread Seed Mauve Prairie Garden Seeds 2011

Gorgeous, tall, two-toned pink, big pods with lots of seed.

I just tested the germination and it looks close to 100%, but hard to tell with such small seeds. Plant a pinch every foot or so and thin to one plant.

Rye Akusti Bountiful Gardens 2018 A tall, very hardy, productive rye from Finland with good-sized grains
Spinach Monnopa My seed (Solstice/Sylvia) 2016  
Spinach Steadfast Adaptive Seeds 2019 Good warm weather tolerance, for late spring / early summer sowing. It resists bolting later than other varieties, providing a longer harvest window. Smooth, triangular, succulent dark green leaves have a pleasant, mild flavor that is great raw or cooked. Cold tolerant, too! (from Adaptive Seeds description)
Tomato/Red Amish Paste My seed (Solstice/Sylvia) 2014/17  
Wheat/Einkorn T. sinskajae My seed (Prairie Garden Seed) 2016/17  
Bladette du Puylaurens Jean-Yves Marc, Toulouse, France 2018
French heritage wheat; long, full heads; not so tall; 
Wheat/Winter Blé de Noé
French heritage wheat from the Gers region near Toulouse
Blé des Vosges
French landrace, bread wheat from Les Vosges, tall, productive, somewhat later ripening than the others from France that I grew.
Blé du Lot "
French heritage wheat from Lot, some awned, some not, some reddish heads, some white
Blé Fin de Tauriac "
French heirloom, cultivated by a family in Tauriac for many generations; known to make very tasty bread
Wheat/Winter Canaan Rouge Eli Rogosa/GrowSeed 2017  
Wheat/Winter Nonette de Lausanne Sylvia 2017  Beautiful Swiss landrace, tetraploid, long awns, tall, plump brown seeds, moderately winter-hardy in my garden.
Öland / Øland
Anders Borgen

A very popular heritage wheat in Scandinavia these days with excellent baking quality and taste. It is a selection from a landrace from the Swedish island Öland, but most likely it is a cross between spelt and wheat.

Small amount to share.

Wheat/Spring or Winter
Anders Borgen
A purple cultivar from New Zealand, released in 1981, relatively low in gluten and high in antioxidants.
Wheat/Winter Red Lammas Eli Rogosa 2017  
Wheat/Winter Rouge de Bordeaux
Eli Rogosa 2017  
Wheat/Winter Touselle sans barbes Jean-Yves Marc 2018 Awnless French landrace, bread wheat
Wheat/Winter Vermont Read 1898 Eli Rogosa 2017  

Seeds to share that I didn't grow:

Mitla black bean (Fedco)



Plans for 2021 

Year 1 Robuschka beet

Year 1 project onion TBD

Year 2 onion if needed TBD

Mauve bread seed poppy

Fava TBD



Other Seeds Saved in 2020 (not enough to share freely)

Lady Choi Korean hot pepper

Bergeron fava


Seed Saving Plans for 2019

Bean/Bush/Dry. Kenearly +

Bean/Bush/Snap. Merveille de Piemont

Cowpeas. I am trialing a few and will save seed of all that mature.

Fava - which?

Kale/Siberian - growing three different ones to see if any will overwinter one way or another

Onion/Yellow. Giant Zittau Year 2

Onion/Yellow.  Yellow Ebenezer or ?? Year 1 

Corn/Flint. Gaspé

Peas - Darlaine, Lollandske Rosiner, Calvert, Hogers Kæmpe ært  +

Pepper/Sweet. Alexander’s Cousin

Spinach. Steadfast

Squash/Winter. Blue Kuri







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