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Stuart's Inventory

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How to add your seeds:
1) Make sure you are logged in (upper right corner of page)

2) Click "EDIT" above.

3) Put cursor in a box where you want to type.

4) Add your seeds and info. Boxes will expand to fit what you write.

5) Use the Table of Plant Types to identify your crop (e.g. BEAN/BUSH/DRY).

6) Click "Save" below.


 Varieties listed in red text are in sufficient quantity for distribution to gardeners in the community.
crop variety source of original seed year saved  comments              
Current inventory  
Bean, Dry, pole True Cranberry Fedco

2019 &


Bean, dry, pole Papa de Rola Margaret Bragg 2019 Beautiful bean.  So-so flavor. I've had terrible luck with this variety. Poor germination and failure to thrive.  I think I'm going to give up on it but I'm happy to make my seeds available to somebody else who wants to give them a try.
Bean, dry, pole Good Mother Stallard Sylvia Smith 2019  
Bean, Shell Cannellino Lucchese Solstice 2019 & 2020
My favorite
Bean, Shell Taylor Dwarf Horticultural Fedco 2017 limited supply
Bean, Snap Green Astrelle Solstice 2019 very limited supply
Bean, Soy, edamame Shirofumi  Fedco 2019
lots of seed to share
Cucumber Phil Rice's small white Phil Rice 2014 plenty of seed
Jaune  Paille des Vertus Sylvia Davatz
2020 more seed than I can ever use
Onion/scallion Evergreen Hardy White scallion
Fedco 2020  
Pea, field
Sylvia Davatz
Lots of seed.  This isn't just a cover crop.  The young shoots are great in stir fries.
Pea, soup Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya Solstice 2009 2017 & 2019
plenty of seed
Pepper, sweet Apple Johnny's
2014 Good supply.  I'll grow this out for seed again in 2021. 87% germination in April 2020.
Rutabaga Gilfeather Fedco 2019
Saved from only 17 roots.  The 2020 crop yield was spectacular.  Some of the roots got huge but even the largest don't get woody.  This is a great vegetable.  And it's the official vegetable of Vermont.  Huge supply of seed.
Red Shiso
 Sylvia Davatz
Garlic Mustard    neighbor Sally Dustin
2021 projects  
Pepper, sweet Apple Johnny's
Onion yr 1

Clear Dawn

Bean, Dry, pole True Cranberry  


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