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June 2019

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Upper Valley Seed Savers
Notes of garden tour 13 June 2019
Sylvia Davatz’s house in Hartland


Sylvia D, Sylvia S, Ruth, Jeff L, Margaret, Brian, Thayer, Nando, Susan, Kye, Anne, Laurel, Karla, Penny, Meredith, Sadie (Hilltown Seed Savers), Donovan (Hilltown Seed Savers), Stuart (note taker & photographer)


Syl gave a brief introduction to her operation, which is both for food and seed production. In addition to familiar annuals, she grows a number of grains. She also practices some permaculture with rhubarb, hardy kiwi, pawpaw, grapes, berries, etc.


Photos coming later. In the meantime, here they are in the pdf format.

2019-06-13 UVSS notes.pdf

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