Discovering Local Heirlooms


Our First Heirloom Discovery



Cloud's Horticultural Bean

This bean was grown faithfully from the 1930s to the 1990s by Kenneth Cloud. He lived and farmed most of his life in East Bethel, Vermont. He was pretty much the old-fashioned Vermont, self-sufficient farmer. He grew his beans yearly, saved the seed, sold some and grew more. It was often said that he grew the best beans around. His son, Delbert, and Delbert's wife, Marion, have continued to grow this bean every year "due to the wonderful taste and how well it grows, and it is pretty much resistant to anything Vermont has to offer." 



























Our Project







Do you have seeds that you save and grow that have been passed down through

your family, or do you know someone who is saving heirloom seeds?


Do you grow and save seed of any varieties that are no longer or never

have been available commercially?


What are the stories or family histories that go with these seeds?


The Upper Valley Seed Savers are looking for local vegetable and herb varieties

to preserve and add to our collection of local, open-pollinated seeds. We are

especially interested in unknown varieties that have been grown in this area for

years or even generations and are not available commercially.


If you have seeds and stories that you are willing to share, or if you just have questions

about saving these seeds and keeping your variety viable, please contact Ruth at: or 802-295-6546


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Please add any ideas you have of ways that we can get this request out to as many people as possible. Here are some ideas that came up at the last couple of meetings.


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