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"A Breed Apart: The Plant Breeder's Guide to Preventing Patents through
Defensive Publication"


High stakes for small ears: Seed stewards preserve native varieties of corn, other plants

2020-01-12 Valley News Indigenous Crops.pdf  (Same article as a pdf)


Fire Blight Spreads Northward, Threatening Apple Orchards


Growing Garlic from True Seed by Ted Jordan Meredith and Avram Drucker

From "Garlic Analecta: Selected writings on garlic"


A Conversation With Vandana Shiva (YouTube video)

February 26, 2012, Sackville, New Brunswick


Vermont Heirlooms:  Plants with (more than one) story to tell

An article from Vermont's Local Banquet, Spring 2012

(Please note that the contact email for our group that is given in this article is wrong. Our group's contact address is uvseedsavers@gmail.com)


Children of the Corn

An article about a corn grown on the Tuscarora Reservation near Niagra Falls for hundreds of years.


35 Who Made a Difference: Jane Mt Pleasant by Gary Paul Nabhan

A short Smithsonian article


Artisanal Wheat On the Rise

Smithsonian Magazine article


Food Ark

National Geographic article


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